A groundbreaking study: Structural Integration for chronic low back pain

Project Description

Structural Integration for Chronic Low Back Pain is a groundbreaking clinical study conducted by Eric Jacobson, Ph.D., a research scientist at Harvard Medical School. It has been funded by a grant from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a branch of National Institutes of Health up to this point. But those funds are now exhausted, with the analysis of comprehensive data on pain disability, psychology, balance, gait and blood biomarkers still unfinished. Your contribution will support the completion of this study and the publication of its results, which could lead to new options for back pain treatment. Learn about Structural Integration (SI).

Watch a video of Eric Jacobson's presentation at Harvard Medical School

Initial clinical results were presented by Dr. Jacobson at Harvard Medical School, Integrative Medicine Research Seminar, sponsored by Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Spalding Rehabilitation Network. Watch the video.
(The video requires Microsoft's Silverlight, a free plug-in. It is safe to download.)
Please help complete analysis of comprehensive data collected during the study.

Project Details

This funding drive has ended

$27,406 raised towards our goal of $38,000


Thank you to all who contributed to this study. Your support has made further investigation possible into results of structural integration for low back pain, and overall quality of life.
- Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation

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The Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation matched donations up to $10,000. All gifts and matching funds went directly to Harvard Medical School to support the Structural Integration for Low Back Pain research project, less Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation administrative expenses estimated to be 3%.